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Villa Tres Amarras is rented

exclusively to your group.

  • Can I bring or do something to help out the local community ?
    Yes, there are several local charities that help the most needy. Often the poorest are the elderly, the sick or the children who need school supplies. It is always better to give from hand to hand, but if you want to make a gesture, according to the interests which are close to your heart we will find you the right people to help.
  • Do you accept pets at the villa?
    We are pets lovers. We only accept dogs because allergy issues with cats. We allow maximum 2 dogs that have a maximum weight of 30 pounds.
  • Can we cook ourselfs instead of having a meal plan that includes a Gourmet Chef?
    No, the meal plan is mandatory. The kitchen is not a residential kitchen but is a commercial kitchen located in the service area which is not accessible to guests.
  • If we don't eat one night at the villa, will we have a refund for the meal ?"
    Yes, but we must be notified 24 hours in advance.
  • I just want to spend the weekend at the villa. But you have a minimum stay of 3 days. Can we only go there for 2 days?
    No, we only accept bookings of a minimum of 3 days. Check-in time is after 4:00 PM and check-out time is at 2:00 PM. If you want to fully enjoy the villa, we recommend a minimum of 3 days and to leave on Monday morning.
  • What happens if i get sick during my vacation ?
    Depending on the severity and the care required 1. We have first aid equipment at the villa, including a defibrillator. 2. A doctor from Cabrera can go to the villa within minutes and a nurse can accompany you during your treatment as long as necessary. 3. You can go to one of the 2 local clinics in the town of Cabrera which is 5 minutes from the villa. 4. You can be transported by ambulance to Santo Domingo which is 2 hours from the villa. 5. You can have helicopter service that can take you to the hospital of your choice on the island. All hospitals have a helipad. 4. There are a Pharmacy 5 minutes from the villa. Your guest manager speaks fluent english and is available 24 hours a day throughout your stay. This person will accompany you throughout the process if necessary.
  • Is there a danger to my safety ?
    Absolutely not, the villa is in a recognized community (Orchid Bay) and is monitored by security guards 24 hours a day. The villa also has its own 24 hour security guards. Although there is security, the village of Cabrera is a small, very safe fishing village with a very low crime rate. Cabrera is not a tourist town, the people live mainly from agriculture and fishing. The local people are very friendly and very respectful. If you want to go to Cabarete or Sosua, we will recommend some basic safety measures to avoid getting robbed. But there is usually no problem for tourists who are traveling in a group with a driver and who are not looking for trouble.
  • Is there a lot of mosquito?
    We have very few mosquitoes on the property for the following reasons: Being a beachfront villa, the breeze does not encourage mosquitoes to be close to the villa. We also make sure to fumigate the gardens regularly so as not to have insect spreads. However, you will also always have access to mosquito repellent if necessary and all Guestrooms have mosquito net doors.
  • Can I bring locals to the villa
    No, the villa is private property in a private urbanization. The security and privacy of everyone is part of our responsability. If you want to invite someone, please contact your guest manager, she will inform you of the possibilities depending on the circumstances and will inform you if there is additional costs.
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